The X-Men: Mutant Love
by Jim Provenzano

They're "biological errors." Closeted
about their real nature. Demonized
by politicians. Sound familiar?

X-Men invades movie theaters this
summer with a definite queer twist.
Production gossip reached an
all-time high recently, as rabid fans
even snuck onto the Toronto set to
steal designs of the sci-fi flick
based on the Marvel Comics series.

But these superheroes deserve a
closer look through our lavender
X-ray vision.

The promotional campaign, with its
arch satire of McCarthyism, bluntly
parallels contemporary politics.
Mutant-phobic Senator Kelly is
played, ironically, by Bruce Davison,
who won an Oscar nomination for
his role in the classic AIDS drama
Longtime Companion.

At the helm is gay director Bryan
Singer. Sir Ian McKellan plays bad
guy Magneto. Also on board:
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as the
sexually ambiguous Mystique,
hunks Hugh Jackman
(Logan/Wolverine), James Marsden
(Cyclops) and the incomparable
Patrick Stewart (Professor X) of
Star Trek fame.

With its vault-like (closet) doors
opening wide, X-Men promises
more than hokey action and great
special effects. And it's far from
being alone in its queerness. In
fact, the fantasy world of comic
books has been a diverse one for
quite some time now. To find out
more, read our brief history of
queer superheroes, and check out
our interview with gay comic book
artist and writer Phil Jimenez.

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