Several popular anthologies include my short stories. Here are most of them. Some links go to for basic info, but I hope you'll shop at your local independent book seller first.

When I Knew
Edited by Robert Trachtenberg
Illustrations by Tom Bachtell

An NPR feature about When I Knew

I Do/I Don't
Queers on Marriage

Greg Wharton and Ian Philips, editors

Poem in Spoonfed (Issue No.12) a literary journal

Blithe House Quarterly (Winter '99) online quarterly edited by Aldo Alvarez

Contra/Diction: New Queer Male Fiction edited by Brett Josef Grubisic
"Sexy and dangerous, a brutally honest look at another side of gay life." - Warren Dunford

Erotic Travel Tales Mitzi Szereto, Editor
"A diverting collection, with something for even the most jaded palate." -

Queer View Mirror editors: James C. Johnstone & Karen X. Tulchinsky
"Among the best, Jim Provenzano's "Split Lip," a post-gay-bashing rumination." - Honcho

Swords of the Rainbow editors: Jewelle Gomez & Eric Garber
Lambda Literary Award nominee
"The richest vein of authors writing today, including Dorothy Allison, Samuel R. Delany, and Tanya Huff--is tapped in this remarkable collection of fantasy, sword and sorcery, and science fiction tales on lesbian and gay themes."


Read my story on Gad Beck, gay Holocaust survivor.

Read my feature on Gay Marching Bands.

How about some gay superheroes?


Artistic Type

When I Knew
"A highly amusing confection whose reminiscences range from the touching to the comic." - The Advocate

Interview with Robert Trachtenberg

I Do/I Don't
winner of a 2005 Lambda Literary Award

"I Do/I Don't is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the politics of marriage, especially those who have grown tired of the trite right-left debates about same-sex marriage. You won't agree with everything you read in this anthology. But you'll probably be impressed by the intelligence, humor, passion, insight, and humanity you'll find in its pages." - Dorian Solot, Alternatives to Marriage Project

Men on Men 2000 edited by David Bergman & Karl Woelz
Winner of a 2000 Lambda Literary Award

"The concentrated smart bomb of Jim Provenzano's 'Quality Time' is perhaps the collection's most provocative piece. It's a poignant sketch of a gay man who attends one of his son's high school wrestling matches to find himself tangled in the inevitable knot of filial love and undeniable lust. Without moralizing or making excuses, Provenzano honestly and non-judgementally limns an aspect of gay fatherhood rarely discussed." - Lambda Book Report

"Gay parenting is a hot topic for some writers and provides some of the most ethically complex stories in the collection. Jim Provenzano's "Quality Time" is a tender story about a gay father who struggles with part-time custody of his teen wrestler son."
- Baltimore Gay Paper

Afterwords: Real Sex from Gay Men's Diaries Kevin Bentley, Editor
"Croatian hustlers in back allies, orgies in French bars, anonymous encounters in cemeteries and bath houses, three-ways, s&m and every other variety of gay sexual encounter is recounted in detail. Many contributors take pains to describe their emotional and physical reactions, the milieu, the sky, the city streets." - Publishers Weekly

Hey, Paesan! Writing by Lesbians & Gay Men of Italian Descent,
Editors: Denise Nico Leto, Giovanna Capone, Tommi Avicolli Mecca
Lambda Literary Book Award nominee

Best American Gay Fiction 1996 edited by Brian Bouldrey
This latest entry sets itself apart through a titular claim to contain only the highest-quality short stories and novel excerpts from the previous year. More specifically, of the 21 pieces just under half are drawn from periodicals and just over half are excised from books, either novels or other anthologies. Several choices stand out." - Library Journal

Looking Queer: Body Image and Identity... edited by Dawn Atkins
"Offers searing, gutsy, and political accounts of lookism in and out of queer communities. This book deserves room on the bookshelf with feminist writing that aims to account for race, class, and sexuality and with scholarship that keeps the body at the center of focus." - Becky Thompson, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology, Simmons College

The Mammoth Book of Gay Erotica edited by Lawrence Schimel
The biggest collection of gay erotica to date includes a selection of brand-new stories that take sex and sexuality as their backdrop. Here are rare gems, new work from Andrew Holleran, Stan Persky, Aiden Shaw, Michael Lassell and many others, complete erotic novellas, sexy and intriguing characters, gorgeous settings: a garden of sensual delights in which gay men write openly and joyously to other gay men about their passions, their desires.

Waves, an Anthology of New Gay Fiction edited by Ethan Mordden
"Jim Provenzano sends up scholarly apparatus with the footnotes to his ingenious story of boyhood lusts, 'Forty Wild Crushes' - one footnote per crush." - Lambda Book Report
"Forty Wild Crushes" takes the form of an elementary school memoir with hilarious footnotes." - Kirkus Reviews


Reference books that cite my news and arts articles:

Arresting Images: Impolitic Art and Uncivil Actions by Steven C. Dubin

The Changing Room : Sex, Drag and Theatre (Gender in Performance) by Laurence Senelick

Encyclopedia of Gay Histories and Cultures: Volume 2 by George E. Haggarty (Editor)

Queering the Pitch: The New Gay and Lesbian Musicology by Philip Brett, Elizabeth Wood, Gary C. Thomas (Editors)