Chaos and Mayhem
“I’m psyched,” said Mark Chamberlain, Manager of the Chaos Warriors, the team that took the gold medal in Amsterdam last year. “We’re planning on going to the World Series in Kansas City in August, as long as we win the playoffs.”

Chaos’ new line-up is “a make-up of several teams from last year. We’ve all pulled together recently” Chamberlain said, to score a victory over Los Angeles’ four-year champions. By the looks of their playing style, they are one of the more seasoned teams around. “It’s our goal to win the World Series.”

What is the sound of our America? The crack of a bat hurtling a ball into the azure spring sky as a rainbow flag flaps in the breeze.

Softball season has begun, and those hardy enough to trek through the latte’-wielding Marina throngs can enjoy watching a few games played by some of the 35 women’s and men’s teams in the league each Sunday for the next few months.

After the opening ceremonies, where honors, trophies and kudos were doled out to several bowlers and softballers by the ever-ebullent Gay Softball League Commissioner Sarah Lewinstein, the players dispersed across the quartet of diamonds on Moscone Field to warm up.

Dogs waited patiently while their moms ran bases. Gay guys tugged on striped pants that perhaps fit a bit more snugly this year.