Live, Eat, Breathe Softball
Angie Brooks sat on the sidelines with Tammy Neher and their very friendly dog. Their team, Clinton Park (no relation to the elected official) will play next week, but she was there to support her pals on the field.

Neher, who’s played softball “ever since I was seven,” says she’s been out so long she couldn’t imagine not having a lesbian softball league as part of her life.

“We live, eat and breathe softball,” said Brooks, who’s been playing since her college days at Saint Leo’s College in Florida. She and Neher play on three different leagues in the Bay Area, “Saturdays and Sundays, with a fast pitch league on Mondays.”

Neher mentioned that there are several very competitive players this season. “That’s what draws more people, that there are such good players.”

As to playing as an out team with the rainbow flag unfurled, “It’s nice to have the freedom,” Brooks said. “You see girlfriends walking together, boyfriends. It’s great.”

They both agreed that the gay/lesbian league is less competitive than college, which is fast-pitch, that it’s much more about fun over victory, and that “We’re here to have fun -- but we want to win!”

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