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Sports Complinx

Sports Complex - Gay & Lesbian Athletes Gay & Lesbian Sports Links & Clubs

Gay Games
Gay Games VII in Chicago
Federation of Gay Games

Global Groups

Gay Basketball
Gay Bowling

Gay Figure Skating

Gay Football (Soccer)

Gay Golf

Gay Gymnastics
Gay Hockey
Gay Martial Arts

Gay Outdoors Club

Gay Rodeo (International Association)
Gay Rowing / Crew
Gay Running
Gay Scuba

Gay Skydiving

Gay Soccer

Gay Softball
Gay Swimming & Diving
Gay Synchronized Swimming
>Gay Tennis
Gay Volleyball
Gay Water Polo

Gay Wrestling
Wrestlers at Takedown

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Globally GLBT Jocks

Johannesburg, South Africa Gay Sports
South Africa Gay Sports
South Africa Gay Aquatics Alliance

EuroGames (European Gay and Lesbian Multisports Championships)
Amsterdam, Netherlands Gay Sports

Amsterdam, Netherlands Smashing Pink Tennis
Amsterdam, Netherlands Wrestling

Berlin, Germany Gay Sports

Bremen, Germany Gay Sports
Cologne (Koln), Germany Gay Sports

Cologne (Koln), Germany Lesbian Sports
Dublin, Ireland Hiking
Frankfurt, Germany Volleyball
Hamburg, Germany Gay Sports (in German)
Luttes, French Wrestling site (galleries, personals)
Italy: Nuova Kaos Milano (Soccer)
Helsinki, Finland Gay Sports
Kings Cross Steelers UK Gay Rugby

SLS Leinebagger Hannover e.V. Multisports club)
London, England Gay Sports - Outforsport.com
London, England Tennis
London, England Wrestling
London's Out To Swim
Manchester, UK Gay Rugby Team

Grupo Pesci, Milan, Italy
Vienna, Austria Volleyball
Zurich, Switzerland Gay Sports

Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association

Calgary, Canada Gay Sports
Montreal, Canada Softball
Montreal, Canada ACC Masters Swim Club

Ottawa, Canada Hockey

Toronto, Canada Boating Club
Toronto, Canada Women's Basketball
Toronto, Canada Hockey
Toronto, Canada Women's Hockey

Toronto, Canada Softball
Vancouver, Canada Gay Sports
Vancouver, Canada Hockey

Down Under
New Zealand Gay Sports
New Zealand (Auckland) Swimming

Perth, Australia Gay Sports
Sydney, Australia Gay Sports
Sydney Swimmers

Chiltern Mountain Club - Vermont Chapter e-mail
Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association
Virginia Gay Sports

Norfolk/Va Beach Mid-Atlantic Alternative Volleyball Association

Seattle Gay Sports
Seattle Tennis
Rain City Soccer
Emerald City (Seattle, WA) Softball
Seattle Otters Water Polo

Washington DC
Washington DC Gay Sports
Washington DC Hockey
Washington DC Rugby
Washington DC Feds Soccer
Washington DC Softball
Washington DC Swimming
Washington DC Water Polo
Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association

Wisconsin Gay Sports
Madison Wrestling

Jasper Softball

San Francisco Sports

US Sports

Birmingham Softball
Southeast Regional Gay Rodeo Association

Arizona Gay Sports - Tennis, Golf, Softball, Running, etc...
Arizona Gay Rodeo Association
Cactus Cities Softball League (CCSL)

Desert Adventures Outdoor Activities in Phoenix
Phoenix Regional Invitational Tournament (PRIT) - Bowling

Phoenix Wrestling


Long Beach Frontrunners Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Sports Alliance Gay and Lesbian Sierra Club West Hollywood Aquatics Los Angeles Basketball Los Angeles Cycling Los Angeles Flag Football e-mail Los Angeles Frontrunners Long Beach Frontrunners Skiing: SAGA Los Angeles Great Outdoors California Great Outdoors Long Beach Los Angeles Pool (Billiards) League e-mail Santa Monica Swimming West Hollywood Swimming / Water Polo Northern California Hockey
Northern California Rainbow Divers Orange County, Inland Empire Los Angeles Rodeo Skiing: Arriba Ski Club Skiing: SAGA Los Angeles Suns soccer Long Beach/Orange County Softball Los Angeles Softball Los Angeles Tennis Association Los Angeles Volleyball Southern California Blades Ice Hockey Belmont Shore (Long Beach) Women's Rugby San Diego Gay Sports San Diego Basketball San Diego Billiards San Diego Bowling San Diego Cycling San Diego Lady Links Women's Golf San Diego North County Chapter of Camping Women e-mail San Diego Surfers Women's Rugby San Diego Frontrunners San Diego Blue Planet Divers Scuba San Diego Sierra Club San Diego Breakers Soccer Club San Diego Sparks Soccer Club San Diego Women's Soccer ("The Crew") San Diego America's Finest City Softball League San Diego Swimming San Diego Tennis Federation San Diego Rainbow Volleyball Alliance San Diego Water Polo San Diego Bulldogs Wrestling San Francisco Gay Sports San Francisco Different Spokes Cycling San Francisco Basketball San Francisco Flag Football San Francisco Ice Hockey (Quakes) San Francisco Ice Hockey (Yetis) Northern California Sierra Club San Francisco Ski & Snowboard Club San Francisco Sports Social Club San Francisco Softball Moby Dick Whalers Softball Rough Riders Softball Team East Bay Softball Pendulum Pirates Softball Team Homepage San Francisco Tsunami Masters Swim Club San Francisco Triathletes San Francisco Tennis San Francisco Water Polo San Francisco Windsurfing Golden Gate Wrestling San Joaquin Valley Gay Sports San Jose Softball San Jose Volleyball> Southern California Scuba

Colorado Gay Sports

Colorado Climax Hockey

Denver Squash
Denver Swimming

Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association

Orlando Gay Basketball
South Florida Tennis Club

Southeast Regional Gay Rodeo Association

Atlanta-area Gay Outdoors Activity Club
Atlanta Rainbow Trout (Swim Team)
Hotlanta Soccer

Hotlanta Volleyball Association

Southeast Regional Gay Rodeo Association

Chicago Gay Sports
Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association (CMSA)
Chicago Flag Football
Team Chicago

Indianapolis Gay Sports

Indianapolis Basketball
Indianapolis Frontrunners Frontwalkers

Indianapolis "No Attitude" Volleyball
Indy Outfields

Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association

Boston Gay Sports
Boston Basketball
Boston Hockey
Boston LANES Swimming
Boston Wrestling
Chiltern Gay Sports

Ann Arbor Queer Aquatics

Minneapolis Gay Sports
Minneapolis Women's Softball
Minnesota Crew

Southeast Regional Gay Rodeo Association

St. Louis Bowling

New Hampshire
Monadnock Gay Men & Sports Fans Club

New Jersey
Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association
New Jersey Bowling

New York
Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association
Brooklyn Blades Hockey
New York City Gay Sports
New York Aquatics
New York City Basketball
New York Fast and Fabulous Cycling Club
New York City Hockey
New York Front Runners
New York City Softball
New York Wrestling
New York Sundance Outdoor Adventure Club

North Carolina
Southeast Regional Gay Rodeo Association

Cleveland Softball
Columbus Gay Sports
Columbus Volleyball

OKClassic (Oklahoma City) Bowling Tournament

Oklahoma Gay Rodeo Association

Portland Softball

Lehigh Valley Gay & Lesbian Sports
Philadelphia Gay Sports
Philadelphia Softball
Philadelphia Falcons Soccer Club
Fins Aquatics Club (Philadelphia)
Pittsburgh Softball
Pittsburgh Steel City Volleyball League (SCVL)

Rhode Island
Providence, RI Gay Sports

South Carolina
Southeast Regional Gay Rodeo Association

Southeast Regional Gay Rodeo Association

Texas Gay Rodeo Association

Austin Row Team
Dallas Aquatics

Dallas (Oak Lawn) Soccer
Dallas Slowpitch Softball
Dallas Volleyball
Houston Softball
Houston Wrestling

Softball Austin

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