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PINS, Jim's first novel

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"The cater waiter is the ultimate illusion:
queer posing as straight,
liberal posing as conservative,
hedonist posing as eunuch."

Monkey Suits explores the clashing worlds of uptown Manhattan society and downtown AIDS activism. Jim Provenzano's second novel serves up a behind-the-scenes look at New York City's upscale party life from the servants' point of view, evoking the 1980s excess and growing outrage of a recent yet already historic era. Amid the romantic and friendly entanglements between a handsome crew of waiters, a surprisingly passionate and funny class war ensues.

A former cater waiter-turned activist at the time the novel is set, the author of PINS offers a darkly comic take on the society set, and the touching liberation, both personally and sexually, of those who wait on them.

Lee Wyndam, shy and unfocused, finds that his work-related affairs lead to more problems than passion. But when a secretive affinity group leads him to the liberating world of AIDS activism, his true passion may finally blossom.

Brian Burns, Lee's insufferably handsome ex-boyfriend, thinks the world owes him a living. His foray into 'the oldest profession' leads to a strange encounter with a formidable and familiar client.

Ed Seabrook, Brian's current boyfriend, is one of few who actually enjoys his job. It could be his spiritual healing meetings that get him through the servile nights.

Marcos Tierra, a club celebutante between catered parties, doesn't move him up fast enough through the ranks, but he's always on the guest list downtown.

Ritchie Hurst is everybody's friend, except the gallery owners who scoff at his unrefined sculptures. But after meeting a world-renowned violinist, his artistic appreciation reaches new heights.

Scheming philanthropists, philandering boyfriends, and flowing champagne make for a bubbling recipe of class warfare, with friendships tested, as society scions and angry activists clash.

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This novel is dedicated to Mike Salinas.