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(Okay, I simply tossed this in because it also includes a pic of the author, cutie Justin Vaisse. I mean, if you're going to agree with a pundit, he might as well be cute!)

Back to Sports Complex

Okay, I've had it.

It would be really nice if I could go one simply reporting about San Francisco sports and other nice things.

But this is enough. Some of you know I have an illustrious activist past, but it focused on fighting AIDS and homophobia.

You'd think that living in San Francisco, one of several US cities passing resolutions to protest the imminent Bush Egofest, aka the Iraq War Sequel, I wouldn't have to worry.

But when even my No Blood For Oil sticker on my bike gets deliberately scratched by some crank, it's obvious that the festering Orwellian doublethink and deception of the Bush Cabal has seeped into even this Valhalla if liberalism.

The "war" is a fraud. The Bush Cabal is a murderous, treasonous clan of Royalist thugs, bent on sucking every last drop of cash out of the economy and utterly destroying any shred of democracy.

The relentless rightwing hyperbole is a flatulent shell game. They failed to find Osama, because they didn't want to. They failed on the trail of Anthrax when it led to rightwing fanatics in the US. They failed with Enron, because they are Enron. They're failing with the economy, so instead distract us with billions in defense contract payoffs to their weapons cronies. They're failing with their "Bomb Iraq Now!" show.

The world doesn't want this fraudulent war, except the UK's Tony Blair, desperate Turkey, a few other countries and the petrochemical-owned media. The jingoistic ethnocentrism of Rumsfeld, the idiocy of the Chimp, and the pure, tentacled evil of his father, the real Resident, will destroy America.

Enclosed is a growing and exhausting collection of links to various articles and web sites. Find out more about the faltering lies of the un-elected military goons in the current administration. When Colin Powell quotes a plagiarized essay by a California student, you know these monsters are desperate.

If you haven't considered some of these creepy conspiracies, you're naive at best.

Supporting peace and diplomacy is not the support of the insane dictator Saddam Hussein. The US war-mongers are threatening to dismantle any global accord in their insistent greed and need to declare war.

Supporting peace is not supporting Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. Enron and the rightwing created and funded the Taliban.

Supporting and promoting peace is supporting life.

Opposing the Bush regime opposes the death of democracy.

Do something.

Laura Bush Hates Peaceful Poets

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pro-war 24,900. anti-war 392,000.